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It may be quite too late for me to do this but allow me to greet you all a Happy New Year! Just before 2014 ended, I've already had too much ideas on what to blog for a “year-end” special: The highlights of my 2014, My New Year’s Resolution for 2015, All the OOTDs I’ve had (and how my style kind of progressed), Lessons I've learned last year and an open letter to all those people I’m thankful for. I’m honestly having a hard time choosing which topic to blog about for this post but it’s better to just simply say something about how my style changed throughout the year first before I proceed with anything else. While compiling over all these looks, I couldn’t help but feel really happy (because being able to come up with 41 different OOTDs for a year just feels amazing.) and excited (because I can feel that there would be a whole lot of better OOTDs coming up this year.) I have always preferred everything to be just really casual and chill but still unpredictable. As you may have observed, I don’t really accessorize that much because for me it kind of pulls away the attention to the outfit. I just really prefer the outfit / the pieces to stand out alone. But this year, I’m just really sure that things would be a whole lot different and better in terms of my outfits, my blog updates and my blog itself because I always crave for a change. 

Sometimes, it freaks me out a bit how time flies by so fast. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic about 2014 like it was just yesterday. 2014 was an insane year for me but so far, the best one. I was able to experience things I never imagined, like the ones which normally happens in movies / TV shows. I met new set of friends. I even stressed myself out on the unnecessary, cared too much, cried a lot and almost gave up. I was able to make a lot of time for myself: to think about what I really wanted and plan my next step. I was able to make time for my dear friends as well, who wanted to see me and just catch up. I’ve had too much shopping. I was able to collaborate for a shoot with my 2 dearest friends. Had my first ever pixie cut. I’ve been really foolish and have done a lot of foolish things without even thinking twice. But in spite of everything that has happened to me last year, I’m still thankful and I’ll always be. These experiences will not only serve as a lesson but also an inspiration.

Though I’ve had a lot of things to be thankful for 2014, I’m still on the process of letting go some unnecessary emotions / memories. After all, what happened last 2014 stays on 2014. Here’s a new year’s resolution that I would definitely work on for a BETTER ME this 2015 (not a new me):

1.Eat (less) healthy and workout more – Because I NEED ABS.
2. Focus on the things that matter.
4.Work real hard to achieve your goals, not to prove something.
5. Blog more interesting stuffs other than Fashion. – After all, I’m not really a FASHION BLOGGER guys.
6. Travel more, if possible – So I can let go of stress even once in a while.
7. Get rid of the negative people – ‘cause haters gonna hate, hate, hate.
8. Be kinder enough to lend an ear or a helping hand. – You’ll never know when you need one.
9. Learn new things – how to put proper make-up, how to use adobe photoshop, how to cut a proper fringe etc.
10. Monitor expenses and SAVE.
11. Read more books.
12  Don’t give up easily.
13. Think before you proceed - Think twice or thrice. 

I just couldn’t believe that another amazing year had passed and we’ve all just welcomed a new one. I love how a whole new year gives us all a fresh start to do something as well new set  of chances to be a better version of ourselves. A new year, new set of memories to make, new set of friends to meet and new challenges to face ahead to make us all stronger. 

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  1. Good job for making your 2014 wonderful! Love this post, ;) Wishing you all the best for 2015! Cheers to a more blissful year! ;)


    1. Thanks Andy!! I'm glad you loved this post! I wish you the same thing for your 2015! xo