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When I was a teenager, I used to tell myself that when I finally reach my twenty's I'll be paying more attention in taking good care of my body. I'll be more conscious in what I eat, in taking good care of my skin, and everything that women do to take care of themselves. I came up with this little promise because it's something that would benefit me in the future. Also, I hated how other people used to tease or make fun of me because I have large calves and how they would tell me that I look so mature than my mom just because I look too tan and ugly. I used to hate my large hips because it makes me feel fat. For short: I used to hate myself.

And as I got older and wiser (hashtag self-appreciation), I realized that making little changes won't hurt. I started dressing up appropriately (in a fashionable way), I chopped my hair into a pixie cut (the shortest one I've had so far) and now I'm eating healthier and working out to achieve my dream body (Thanks Kendall Jenner for the motivation!). All of these little changes made feel so great about myself and although I haven't really achieved my dream body just yet, I'd love to share a few tips that you guys can do if you wanna get started with your own journey to achieve your own so-called summer body.

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1. Find a body peg/ fitspiration. - Find a body peg that will motivate you to work your lazy ass off. Put a picture of him/her in your refrigerator so when you open it you'll have second thoughts on indulging too much or you can set it as your phone's wallpaper to remind you of your body goal. It's also perfect to have a body peg that has the same body shape like yours. I have a lot of body pegs but because most of them has straight frames (like Kendall Jenner) and I'm on the curvy side, the closest body peg that I can get is Maxene Magalona. Whenever I look at her body, I'm like "So this is what my body would look like if I lose a couple of pounds and my belly fat..." Finding a body peg is really important if you ask me!

2. Get rid of the vices. - It's the first step and it's what I first did when I was just getting started. Slowly cutting off your intake of fast foods, junk food, instant juices (bottled or powdered), street foods and most especially SODA can make a huge impact in your body. I'm not really the soda drinker and junk food eater type that's why it was so much easier for me to get rid of it. I tell you, it feels so much fulfilling to get rid of yourself from the bad stuff if you're trying to lose weight.

3. Slowly engage yourself in simple exercises. - Exercises like jogging, skipping ropes, biking, dancing (Zumba) and swimming are a few simple exercises that you can do if you don't wanna hit the gym just yet. When you feel like challenging yourself, level-up your exercises from jogging to running, biking from around the block to long distances or doubling your skipping ropes counts to a hundred or you can even hit the gym and lift weights if you want to!

4. Wear a proper workout attire - The purpose is to make you feel more inspired to exercise and at the same time to avoid injuries during workout. 

5. Spare an hour or two of your time for exercise. -  May it be a 30 minute or an hour of workout, it's really important to at least spare a bit of your day's time to exercise. If you're really motivated (like I am), I would recommend working out at least 6 times a day (1-2 hours every day with 1 cheat day) so your body can easily adjust with all the exercises you're doing. And so that you can slowly see results as well.

6. Slowly cut your meal into half - Instead of eating a full plate every meal time, try to cut your meal into half or better yet in smaller portions. I've read a lot of articles saying that it's better to eat 5 small meals a day (instead of 3 large meals) so that your metabolism can boost faster and your body will serve as a natural fat burning machine. Remember that every time you starve yourself, your metabolism goes slow and your body is more likely to store fat than burning it.

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables (most esp. the fiber rich ones) - Based on my observation, people who are on the healthier side of eating look so much more stronger and glows naturally. If you will excuse me...

8. Research exercises on your target area - Here's a thing: I don't go to the gym and tbh, I've never been to a gym before. I only workout at home. I can give you a lot of pros and cons about home workouts but one reason that I could give you right now is this: I want to prove that you can still achieve your summer body even without hitting the gym. I normally research exercises on YouTube that targets the abs (because I want abs.) and do the exercise at the comfort of our own living room. I knew I had to add this tip right here because it's something that might be helpful for you whether you workout at home or not. 

9. Don't forget to take pictures! - Take a picture of your body on your first day of workout (front and side ways) up until the recent day of your workout so you can easily monitor the progress of your hard work. Taking pictures of your progress doesn't necessarily mean you have to show it every now and then. It's better to show everyone the result when it's finally showing up don't you think? ;)

10. Be Patient. - I know you want that summer bod so badly because you're about to hit the beach in a month but dear, you need to work hard for it. Abs or a great summer body doesn't show itself in just one click. It takes time, real effort, patience and hard work before it finally shows itself up to you.

So, there you go guys! I hope these tips I gave you will somehow help you in getting started with your journey to hotness. (naks) Let me know what other tips you have in mind and I'll be glad to add it on my list as well! :)

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