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A week after Neon Island's Pure Shores Party came the Manila Fashion Festival. To be honest with you guys, I have no idea what's more in store in the said festival. My mission on that day was to actually attend the PREVIEW STYLE TALKS organized by the leading Fashion Magazine here in Manila, the Preview Mag. They invited a couple of renowned speakers who will tackle topics about starting in the Fashion Industry, Fashion editorial styling and building a brand. I am one who loves to attend such talks most especially if I find the topics and speakers interesting. So for this blog post, allow me to share with all of you my outfit and my experience during the Preview Style Talks.

In spite of how hot it was that day, I still sticked with my original plan to wear an all black outfit because 1.) I know there would be a lot of fashionistas going and wearing an all black outfit is the safest option. 2.) Wearing an all black outfit makes me feel so much more fashionable. 3.) I just really love black and there's no other color I have in mind except black.  I didn't want my outfit to look too simple so I threw on a smart casual coat to complete the outfit and to make it a bit street style-esque I wore off my favorite (and my one and only) pair of Converse. I'm so in love with this pair that I swore to myself I'll buy 2 more pairs in different colors. 

Wearing: Coat: Scored from Bloggers United 7, Top: from a bazaar, shorts: LandMark, Shoes: Converse

Here's a few photos I took during the talk:

If there's one photographer on my bucket list that I would really like to photograph me it would be BJ Pascual. (Check out his instagram: @bjpascual and his online portfolio at: For those of you who don't know BJ Pascual, He's one of the BEST photographers here in Manila. Every single time I see this picture of me and BJ, God, I couldn't help but feel so kilig! He's so handsome and talented and very nice pa! (Hearts everywhere) I'm a fan of BJ's that's why the moment I learned that he would be speaking for the PREVIEW STYLE TALKS, I got really excited and determined to meet him in person.

Attending the said talk was a very nurturing experience. I got to listen and learn so much from the best people from the Fashion Industry. It somehow gave me an idea as to how the Fashion industry really works and how Photography plays a very important role in this world and at the same time, how passion and patience truly helps in reaching your dreams. 

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