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One (supposed) chill Friday night, I was about to work on my mom's powerpoint presentation when I received an invitation from Neon Island through Instagram. Call me over reacting but I was really freaking out, jumping up and down due to excitement and shock when I read it. I know I was just suppose to chill at home that Friday night and all of a sudden I'm attending a party. And it's not just any party, It's the launch of Neon Island's newest summer collection. They informed us 2 hours before the party that's why I was really freaking out! Going through my closet like crazy finding a perfect outfit to go with the SUMMER theme and luckily, color-blocking saved me from my dilemma.

When it comes to colorful and beautifully crafted wardrobe / summer staples, Neon Island is one local brand you should definitely consider. The brand was a created by best friends, Alyssa Gibbs and Aira Medina in which they celebrated its 2nd birthday last March 13!

The venue, at SOMA Stores in Green Sun, was filled with cute and colorful summer decors like this one which they made themselves!

The party was actually very intimate but very alive. The venue was perfectly decorated in summer colors to match with their new collection, The Pure Shores. Cool music was played over and I swear I expected it to have a lot of guests (celebrities most especially) but Alyssa and Aira had their family and a couple of friends over only and it was really nice seeing them congratulating the duo for the success of Neon Island.

Lusting over these swimsuits. They're pure perfection! I really had to resist the urge to grab them all and take them home. hihi

Met a couple of friends over at the party. They were also picked by Alyssa from Instagram to join Neon Island's birthday celebration. We sticked together all throughout and all we did was take pictures, eat cupcakes and talk. I had a great time with these girls at the party! I'm so pleased to meet you Arianna, Aicel, Patricia and Giah! xx

I've congratulated them for countless times both in person and through Instagram but I'd like to congratulate the duo again for the NTH time because they deserve it. They obviously worked hard for their brand and I know there's more to come for Aira and Alyssa and their baby, Neon Island. I know it'll be celebrating more birthdays as Neon Island swims its way to be recognized worldwide. 

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