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 I remember the very first time I attended Bloggers United (it was at its 6th installment back then) I was feeling very excited to finally meet the bloggers I normally just see on Instagram. I was such a fan girl of Patricia Prieto that meeting her was my number one agenda that day (besides the shopping part of course) and because I had a blast attending my first BU with friends, We made sure to attend its upcoming set of installments. 

Now at it's 9th installment, Bloggers United partnered with Smart, The leading wireless service provider here in the Philippines, to make sure we are all connected and having fun in this event! There were free tote bags given at the entrance for our shopping hauls, photo booths, free wifi, free mocktails, great music and a lot of fun contests for everyone to join in! Okay as I'm currently typing this, I can say that I'm still on BU high. 

YAAAYYYY FOR FREE MOCKTAILS! Aside from the free wifi, my BU crew and I went gaga over the free mocktails. You just have to post a picture of yourself or your friends or your shopping hauls or probably anything that proves you're having a blast at Bloggers United through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #BU9xSMART & #SmartAlwaysIn. And after doing so, just show the post to the bartenders at the mocktail station and voila! Free mocktail! They have a rule of 1 mocktail per post that's why my friends and I kept coming back because we've been posting tons of pictures online. HAHA

After the success of our BU8 group shot, I came up with this idea that every flair we attend there should be a specific fierce group shot my friends and I should do. It's like our very own souvenir of the BU flair that we attended altogether. Good thing my friends were very kind enough to coordinate! :) The sad thing about doing this group shot though is that we don't have a photographer. Most of the time we're just really shy to approach random strangers to take the group shot for us unlike from the last flair there were hired photographers for BU roaming around the area that we can easily approach. And as for BU9's group shot, my best friend made a pic stitch of 2 different shots that we had by pair to make it look like we're altogether in one picture. 

I was honestly having too much fun that I opted to take pictures with only a few selected bloggers that were present at that time before my friends and I left. I was looking forward to chat and take a selfie with the Enciso twins, Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Jasmin Curtis and Isabelle Daza (if ever she came) but they already came around 4pm onwards so maybe next time. :(

My best friend, Jhai and I bought matching tops from Arnie Villanueva's booth and wore them off (yikes hahaha i know) right after the event for a night shoot that we have had at BGC.

And before I finish off this blog post, allow me to break down my over-all verdict for Bloggers United 9. :)

The venue - I don't know if this is the first time that they held the event on the same venue on 2 consecutive flairs but I must say Whitespace was definitely a good choice in terms of accessibility and facilities. The only problem I encountered here is when booths are finally set and people starts to enter, the place is easily congested. There are no security guards roaming around so you really have to mind your things while you shop and bump shoulder to shoulder with other shoppers.

The set of pakulo - I love their set of pakulo seriously! Most especially...

- The mocktail station talaga. I really enjoyed sipping a cold drink while roaming around to shop or taking OOTD shots outside the venue. Given that it's still hot (even though the rainy season is about to enter) a cold drink truly helps! The 1 post per mocktail rule isn't a big deal at all. haha

- The free wifi was definitely a plus because not all of the attendees (including myself) have 4G phones or whatever to go online anytime. And it also helps in a way that we can easily join their contests on Instagram while we shop. They normally announce a contest that involves uploading pictures on Instagram and as I've said, not everyone can go online anytime. So the free wifi truly helps.

- The great music and cute DJ! I love the fact that you can just dance to the beat without minding anyone at all. BU9 couldn't get any better.

 - The tote/eco bags given at the entrance was another bonus!

The food concessionaires - I hope they invite food concessionaires with a more budget friendly menu. A meal worth a hundred bucks is a bit expensive most especially if your budget is focused more on the shopping part. Plus, I wish there's cotton candy or ice popsicles!

Overall for BU9, it's an 8/10 rating for me. (Movie review ang peg? lol) I'm just really amazed at how the BU team always comes up with great ideas to make every flair much more fun, exciting and worth attending. The thing I ALWAYS look forward the most (aside from shopping and meeting the bloggers) is the pakulo part. Congratulations to the BU Team and thank you so much for another awesome and memorable event! I cannot wait for BU10, BU11, BU12...!!!

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  1. Hi Steph! Thank you so much for this post, it will help us a lot in our future events.:) thanks for supporting BU!!!

    1. Hallooo Miss Ana! You're welcome! I always enjoy attending bloggers united that why I make it a point to blog about my experience. Thanks for reading my overall review for BU9!