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There's just something about birthdays that used to excite me a lot as a kid. I used to expect giftrs from people all the time most especially from my own parents. I had this perception that during birthdays, you always get to make a wish and your parents will grant them for you. As I grew up and continued to age, birthdays are starting to scare me a bit.

22 was the craziest one by far. I did a lot of mistakes, wasted a lot of chances and learned a lot of lessons. I must saying kissing 22 goodbye was a mixed feeling of relief and sadness (because pressure and oh my god I'm getting old!) but above all that feeling, I'm grateful and I'll always be. Also, I just turned 23 last July 23 and I'd like to share with you several realizations that I've had before I welcomed that age:

1. Not all people have the same kind heart as yours.

2. You cannot expect things to always go your way. It's a part of life.

3. Don't make a big deal out of the littlest things. It's not healthy.

4. You won't gain in a day what you have lost for a month. So go ahead and eat that cake, hun.

5. Listening to other people's brutally honest advice will help you sooth your own stubbornness

6. Just let people be. If they don't appreciate you enough, that's fine. It's their loss not yours anyway.

7. Your true value isn't measured through number of likes and approving comments.

8. At the end of a bad day, there's nothing more soothing than watching cute and funny Doug the pug videos.

10. Stop eyeing people from head to toe just because they have a very questionable outfit combination, not everyone is a fashionista.

11. Life is too short to mind what the others have to say, just live life!

12. If you feel lost, PRAY. He'll find your way back again.

13. Not all people are worth your time, effort and SHIT.

14. Be thankful for what you have. Someone out there is wishing to have what you don't  appreciate.

15. You don't really have to compare yourself or your life in someone else's success story. We all have our own journey.

16. BB creams are a total life saver. (And cheese pizza)

17. There's more to life than social media.

18. Remember that there's an equivalent good karma in every goo deed that you do for others.

19. If people broke their necks looking at you, it means your worth looking at. So stop feeling so 
conscious and just feel good about it.
20. Do things while you can and while you're young.

21. Everyone has a POINT. You can express yours, however, in a much nicer tone.

22. Don't be like anybody else. Be a non-conformist--The unusual of all the usual.

I have a huge feeling 23 is going to be an amazing age for me. I'm looking forward to every realization I'll be having while I'm 23 and of course, I'll be glad to share them when I turn another year older next year!

P.S. To everyone who greeted me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my exact day, if you're reading this, THANK YOU.

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