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 For the entire 2nd half of 2015, a beach getaway was all I was longing for. I can only look through my camera roll filled with throwback pictures of previous beach trips and wish I was satisfying my need for vitamin sea.

The previous long weekend gave me a chance to escape. Thank god my schoolmate, Trixia, whom  I've only spoken to through Facebook message and never got to hang out with personally, messaged me and asked me a few questions about Masasa Beach. Only to find out she was planning to go on a beach getaway with a friend for the long weekend. (She wanted to meet Ampon, the friendly brown spotted dog, so bad) So with no further ado, I asked to be a third wheel and I was beyond ecstatic when she said "Sure!"

Given the fact that I had a blast on my first visit, I don't really mind going back to Masasa Beach for the second time knowing it'll be a different experience with 2 girls as my company.

Felt so giddy I'm back at Masasa beach!

There was a point on our stay wherein I just had to sit back, play some chill music, inhale as much fresh air as I can and simply just relax. How I wish I could live life like that every single day. Until our next adventure then. x

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