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Here I am writing a cliche year ender post before I pack up for our trip to Pampanga. We'll be celebrating New Year's Eve along with my family and relatives and I'm hoping it'll be an amazing one. So, 2015? Heck. You are one crazy year.

You know how it is when the year reaches its last day and you just wanna list down all the things you realized, lessons learned, people/stuff you got over and of course the new year's resolutions (which you will eventually forget to follow and resolute.) This is it. I won't list it down one by one but I'll just sum it all up for you. 

2015 is a complicated mix of a good and bad year for me. I felt a crazy amount of stress and pressure that I didn't expect I'll overcome. There are a lot of moments when I just want to burst crying and just give up. But thank god I'm surrounded with great people who constantly remind me that I can overcome everything life throws my way if I continuously believe in myself and pray. I felt so stressed out even at the littlest things but slowly I became really good at dealing with it by blasting loud music at my earphones, eating gelato or simply just sitting in silence and  breathing slowly. 

With all the stress and pressure felt came the good side of course. I finally got a job and even though it's just a 5-month contract one, I'm glad I didn't give up on this. I'm glad that even though I don't receive a high pay I learned to appreciate it anyway. I'm glad that I can go out, buy my necessities and get to travel at my own expense. I must say every bit of work was definitely paying off. I'm thankful of course that I'm surrounded by a bunch of good hearted people at work. Now that I'm down to my last 2 weeks at work, I know for a fact that I would be missing each and everyone of them. 

The opportunity to travel in between work and personal schedules was a bonus. I only got to travel 3 times this year in the same destination I have been before with different set of people as my company but of course I'm not complaining. I'm more than grateful. I'll put travelling on my priority list this coming year anyway, dedicating to exploring more "non-cliche'' places around the Philippines.

This has been a great year of course to reunite with high school bestfriends and simply just laugh at all the memories we've had altogether and of course the memories of high school love. It was one of the best and it will always be. I may have a countless number of high school friends I used to hang out before and was narrowed down to just a few ones up to this day, it's still fine. The ones who stays are the one that matters anyway.

Blogging was put into rest this year but I'll make it up by next year. I don't want to miss the best moments that I'll have by not blogging about them. To more memories to reminisce through blog posts! 

I look forward so much for 2016 because I have a feeling it'll be a great year for everyone knowing that we'll have a new president for our country! Wish everyone will make a wise choice. But anyway I look forward to more traveling (soul searching maybe?), more books to read, more people to meet and be friends with, more blessings and opportunities and good health (and may THE ABS be with you.) and to more self improvement this 2016. I've got a new tune you can add to your NYE hit mix tonight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! HIT PLAY :)

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