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There are 2 awesome things that happened over the weekend here in the Philippines: 1. Paradise International Music festival with Kanye West heading the line up. 2. Hailee Steinfeld's Mall show at UPTown Mall in Taguig City. I was truly desperate to grab tickets for free bound to ParadiseIMF by joining countless contests on Instagram but unfortunately (or shall I say fortunately?) I didn't score one. So as a fall back for my poor soul, I opted to go with my friend, Bernz to Hailee's Mall Show. We haven't seen each other for 2 years! It was a very spontaneous decision to go, really and I'm thankful I was able to set aside my lola side for this. 

I decided to make a vlog out of the experience and I'm sorry if it's too short. I edited this using my phone and it just truly suck that there's no good video editing app on Android. Well, unless you're willing to pay for a good one in which I'm not. I had no choice so I used 2 apps to edit this: FilmoraGo & VivaVideo and obviously there's a watermark on it. (UGH) The free version only allowed me to export a 5 minute video to my gallery and beyond that, I will have to pay for their PRO version. Seriously, I had a hard time editing because I took a lot of short clips and Hailee's performance was too beautiful to crop out. It would have been so detailed without this darn app's limitation. But anyway, I'll tell you guys the details I wasn't able to include in the vlog.

The mall show starts at 5 p.m. but Bernz and I had to go early in the morning because we have to buy Hailee's EP Album so we can be seated near the stage as well as to meet & greet her. Bernz won herself a meet & greet pass but assured me that she would still buy the album just so we can still watch the show seated together. Later did we know that, Meet and Greet pass winners had a different seating arrangement, which is in the middle and I, an album signing pass holder will be seated on either sides of the stage. The organizer implemented such very strict rules which I think is INSANE.

Like for both meet & greet and album signing, you're just literally gonna do what you have to do because taking selfies with Hailee as well as giving personal messages (or at least that's what the host kept on reminding us), touching or hugging her isn't allowed. Plus, if you try to creep snap during the meet & greet and album signing on stage, your phone will be confiscated. HOW IS THAT. But gifts from fans are allowed though and there are photographers documenting the event. Well, if you had your picture taken with Hailee from that photographer's camera then I guess you're lucky as heck. 

I don't know if these rules apply to all meet & greets with foreign artists here in the Philippines but I think that's too much most especially if selfies aren't allowed. I mean, why would you take that quick snap away from a fan's dream? Is taking a selfie with your idol considered a security threat?

Even though Bernz and I were seated separately (and far from each other), to be fair, I had a blast! And good thing I was able to compliment and thank Hailee quickly for that night's show before I went down the stage. This is my first time to meet an international artist up close. My goodness, can we talk about how gorgeous she is?! No really, she's so flawless and so beautiful and so sweet to all her fans! You can tell through her smiles and gestures that her happiness to perform for her fans was truly genuine. I love her more than ever. I can't wait for her full album and Pitch Perfect 3! (If she's still there.)

P.S: Don't forget to watch the VLOG and play it on HD. You are welcome to leave a comment or two and tell me what you think. :)

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