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Last April, I remember my best friend and I talking about Charlie Puth and how we wish him to come and have a concert here in the Philippines. A few days later, a concert announcement came for August 14th and we went nuts over the news. We made sure to buy tickets on the very day it went on sale to the public. I was aiming for front row seats but because TicketNet's website sucks, we landed at the 10th row spot after 30 minutes of trying. That's how fast the VIP seats were selling. 

Since I loved most of his singles, I made sure to listen to his whole album as well so I could sing along with him and the crowd on the night of his concert. His songs also served as my go-to remedy for bad days, until now.

I cannot remember the last time I fan girled so much over someone that I admire. At some point during Charlie's concert last night, I was euphoric enough to get teary eyed. I never understood people who cry at concerts actually or whenever they get a chance to meet and greet their idols.  I feel like they're over reacting but last night I slowly understood them. I was overwhelmed to live in that moment. As another Charlie (from Perks of being a wallflower) have said: "I feel infinite." and I swear last night, I felt the same way.

And if there's another thing I would advice people to try, aside from travelling young, it's to experience attending a concert. I swear it feels great!

*last photo not mine

I just realized it's so difficult to vlog on concerts! I was creep snapping all the time since point and shoot as well as DSLR cameras weren't allowed to take videos. And the security/bouncers were so creepy. UGH. Since my phone's camera suck, I had no choice but to bend the rules. I apologize if my vlog is shaky and the audio is a bit bad. There's a part in my camera that I don't realize I'm covering that's why the audio sounds weird. But I do hope you enjoy watching it in spite of its flaws. I'm still a newbie in this whole vlogging thing and I'll be working on it next time. Please do play it on HD and give it a thumbs up on my Youtube channel. THANK YOU!

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