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Dear 2016, I'm glad you flew by so fast. 
Another year is about to close and a new one is about to be welcomed. With 2016 finally bidding goodbye, I've had my fair share of good and bad times. Good: I got to experience and tick of some fun firsts (ex: attending my first ever concert!) and get to explore some places. Bad: I feel like I am slowly losing friends which I think I'm completely okay with and it's weird you know?? Because I cannot deny the fact that I've been a complete bitch this all year round.

Every time I write a year-ender post, I try to make it a point to describe how a year has been and I must say that 2016 was definitely tough. I feel like adulting every single year is getting tougher and tougher and it all depends on you if you hold on or let go and go crazy. And I am proud to say that I did the former. HA 2016 WAS DEFINITELY A YEAR OF HOLDING ON.

Oh yes, before I forget let's jump to this so called realizations that I've had this year: 

1. Your SMALL could be someone else's BIG. I often forget how lucky I am that I have a shelter to live, good food to eat, clothes to wear and money that I can splurge. And because of that, I tend to take them for granted and forget that there are people out there who are struggling almost everyday to achieve at least one of what I have. That PHP 1,000 you spend for a day of shopping could be someone else's food allowance for a week or two. 

2. Social Media cleansing is always necessary. Social media instantly made everyone capable of bashing and judging someone else and I do not exclude myself for that matter. To prevent my inner Chanel Oberlin from ranting, I appreciated the log out/unfollow button that I realized I haven't clicked on for so long and just do something productive in real life. Also, the negativity that surrounds the cyber world is disgusting and tiring. 

3. Skincare. I am such a late bloomer that only at 24 have I appreciated skincare so much and realized that it is very important. Although I've been washing and toning my face since high school (thanks mom), I still skip the moisturizing and SPF part. I'm still in the midst of experimenting and searching for the right gentle products to suit my skin type anyway.

4. It's okay to delete people from your life.

5. Always be grateful. I have always lived through this saying that I just wanted to include it here. Things happen for a reason, good or bad, just be grateful it happened and you overcame and experienced it. At least, the next time it happens you already know what to do.*wink*

6. Less is always more. Don't wear makeup and waste a good outfit if you don't need to. There is always an appropriate moment to slay. 

7. Youtube is as helpful as Google. I have always underestimated Youtube that all this time I thought it's just an outlet of meh videos but little did I know, all the fun part is on Youtube! I discovered a lot of interesting people (daily vloggers, travel and beauty vloggers) which I now watch every day and channels with great and helpful reviews/tutorials. Which is why I tried vlogging as well! Even if I speak so awkwardly and you know what? I spend majority of my time watching on Youtube rather than browse on any other social media sites.

8. Attending concerts are as therapeutic as travelling. Charlie Puth, if you're reading this, I love you so much you have no idea.

9. Don't rush, just take your time.

10. Smile. Twice this year, I received cups from Starbucks that has "SMILE STEPHY!" written on it. I don't know man, this resting bitch face can be a curse sometimes. 

11. You don't always have to be on trend. I mean let's face it, not everyone can pull off a specific trend. If it doesn't suit you then please don't wear/do it. Spare yourself from looking stupid in everyone's eyes. 

12. Limit what you share online. Choose and post wisely,

Is it just me or we all really feel like 2017 is finally gonna be our year?? I feel like I'm gonna have to do this annually on every year ender post that I make: a song recommendation! Something that you can add up to your New Year's Eve playlist and here it is! 

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