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If my memory serves me right, this is the 4th time that I visited Baguio in my entire 24 years of existence in which the 4th time was truly extra special because I got to spend it with my boyfriend, Louis. I usually go to Baguio with my family and idk why I never tried to go there with someone else on my past trips. We celebrated our 6th anniversary together by taking a trip in one of my favorite cities! If I would pick a place to celebrate, it would definitely be the beach but Louis isn't really into the sun and beach. He prefers relaxation over cold weather so we opted to go to Baguio instead. 

Every time I go back to a place that I've been before, I always try to make it different on my next visit. I researched and made a not-so-final itinerary because it'll change anyway as we go along with our trip. I had a few places in mind that I would love us to visit and opted to skip a few usual spots.

*Apologies in advance, I didn't take that much photos on Day 1 because I was mostly just vlogging in between. But I assure you, this blog series is going to be informative*

DAY 1 - JAN 14, 2017
Same as what we did in our Dipaculao trip, we traveled our way to Baguio at dawn right after Louis came out from work at almost 2 a.m. of January 14th. I was quite surprised at the amount of people in Victory Liner in Cubao bound for Baguio at that hour. THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE U GUYS. Specifically, chance passengers in which, unfortunately, we were one. I began to panic because I didn't have a PLAN B in case this happens. I didn't have an "alternate route'' in mind to save us. BUT instead of wasting our time, we headed straight to the next set of bus terminals near Victory Liner until we found one with less chance passengers and we found NORTH GENESIS. The good thing here though is that, there wasn't any chance passengers when we reached it. Probably all thanks to good timing.

I have always known GENESIS LINER to cater more on trips going to and fro Baler, Aurora. I didn't know and I couldn't believe that they also have a few buses bound to Baguio. Their terminal is located 170 meters from Victory Liner. You don't have to cross on the other side. Just walk North and straight ahead. I'm not sure how much their fare differs from Victory Liner but for North Genesis, it's PHP 445.

Also, their trip is so much faster???!!! I think they took an alternate highway in which I don't know where that is and what it's called but looks really familiar because when I went to Baler last year, we passed the same highway as well. We left Cubao at 4 a.m. and reached Baguio City at 9 a.m. with one quick stop over at Urbiztondo, La Union. Talk about a smooth trip!

Babsplace Transient Room
Contact details: 0923 349 8481
508 Brgy. Gabriela Silang, Hillside, Baguio City

Thank you so much to that person from DIY Travel Philippines who recommended this transient to me while I was in the midst of finding a cheap but good transient house/room in Baguio City. This place is very accessible by both jeepney and taxi. The neighborhood was really quiet, clean and calming as it has a view of the entire city. The staff/contact person was very responsive and accommodating. Funny thing was, I didn't know who exactly their contact person is because he/she never introduced her/himself but he was very precise with the instructions on how we can safely go to their transient. Baguio Transients normally charges per head and per night. Not on the capacity of the room (like the hotels). We scored our room at PHP 350/night & head so that makes PHP 700/night for 2 persons for off peak seasons. I believe it's cheaper if you guys will stay as a group. Also, even though our room was quite small (It's a studio type), it was really nice and comfortable given that it already comes with your own small dining table, sink, kitchen (complete with cooking wares and dining utensils) and private bathroom. Pwede na di ba??? Surprisingly even though it's cheap, it's very satisfying. I definitely recommend this place and I will surely stay there again because I got attached to their pet dogs and the place! Kindly check out their Facebook Page for other details. :)

Baguio couldn't get any prettier even on night time.

We didn't really do much on our first day as we both felt really exhausted due to lack of sleep. But upon reaching our transient house, we went straight to GOOD TASTE RESTAURANT to have brunch then figured our way around Burnham Park (In which I saw a lot of beautiful fresh flowers being sold on the sidewalk. Louis got me a bouquet.♥) and Harrison road. We attempted to go back home by taking a jeepney but due to exhaustion we gave up on searching for the right jeepney terminal so we rode a taxi again. 

To end our DAY 1 Baguio post, here's our vlog of the trip! Watch out for Day 2 & 3! :)

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