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Braving the cold weather at 18 degrees, walking under the rain, getting lost and eating to our hearts content. Day 2 in Baguio was pretty good.♥

I always thought Baguio was too small to be explored in a day. But with all the great spots, restaurants and activities that you can try out, a day isn't enough. Day 2 is always the busiest day of all days in any trip because it involves a lot of sight-seeing and going places. In our case, I had a day full of plans to celebrate the actual day of our anniversary just to make the most out of Baguio and also the precious time we get to spend together. I mean, we both don't get a chance to travel together as much as we'd love to. There are times when we don't even get to celebrate our anniversary just because we're too busy or we're both too broke af. So to start off our day, we attempted to wake up early to catch up a full mass at Baguio Cathedral to thank the lord for all the years we've spent or will be spending together in the future.  

DAY 2 - JANUARY 15, 2017

Going to and being in Baguio Cathedral

Woke up at 8:30 and left at 10 a.m. just because I had to take my time to do my makeup. (Sorry babe this is for you) Baguio Cathedral was on top of my to-do list for Day 2 because it's been literally years since I last stepped foot there. I've always just admired it from the outside. I wanted to take our anniversary as I time for me to finally admire it from the inside but sadly, since it's a Sunday, we couldn't make it inside because there were a lot of churchgoers. I guess, the cathedral was their main church in the city. But at least we were able to take a peek of the inside.

In spite of being crowded on the outside, I loved the fact that people were so well behaved even the kids! I'm so used to seeing kids whining or running around the church that's why I was really surprised with what I've observed!

Dining at 50's Diner as first timers! (Review)

After the mass, I decided to take Louis at 50's diner for lunch. I was expecting it to be really crowded at that hour because I've seen a couple of reviews that says this place is always full most especially at lunch and dinner time. We arrived at 50's diner at around 11-11:30 a.m. and man the line for the waiting list was insane! I'm just really glad that we came before the line grew into a zigzag. Upon seating in our table, it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. The floors and some interiors were obviously wearing out due to it being a busy establishment everyday. Although I loved the vibe on the inside with the neon lights, old movie posters and old music being played in the background, I wish they could renovate the place, make it more spacious to accommodate more patrons and first timers. 

The food! Let's not forget the food. I had Carbonara and Strawberry Milkshake while Louis had a Corvette burger and a Chocolate milkshake. We also shared some Butterfly Shrimps (served w/ potato chips) just because I was craving for shrimp so much. I understand everyone raving about 50's diner so much because it's affordable and their milkshakes are good and yes, THEIR MILKSHAKES ARE GOOD! But I wasn't really impressed with how the food tasted. I feel like the food was so overrated. My Carbonara was really good but too cheesy. Nakaka umay yung pagka cheesy niya. Moving on with what Louis had, I don't know if they really serve their burgers w/ an almost burnt bun but that's what his Corvette Burger have. Also, Louis said the burger tasted good but the patty was actually dry. Too bad because the juiciness could have added so much flavor to the burger. And let's not forget the Butterfly shrimp that we had for sharing: It was so bland. I don't know if I'm exaggerating but (whatever) you can't enjoy it on it's own or w/ the mayo it comes with because that's how tasteless the shrimps was. I have a feeling that the batter they used for the shrimp was plain. I could appreciate a bit of salt y'know. 

The milkshakes we had was really good. No complain at all. Hands down most especially to the Strawberry Milkshake I had. 

I love the fact that this spot offers both Filipino and American cuisine and the price is very affordable but there are still a lot to improve w/ regards the service, the food (most especially) and the size of the place. 

Exploring a different side of Camp John Hay

We headed straight to Camp John Hay right after lunch because I wanted to try out TSOKOLATE DE BATIROL by meryenda time. I haven't been to that side of the camp yet (where the actual restaurant of Tsokolate de Batirol was situated) so I was really glad we were able to explore it to pass time and take photos. We reached a certain part with a couple of shops and a few restaurants. It was a bit hassle to walk around because it was drizzling and the fog was getting thicker. Also, it was getting really cold!

By the time we finally felt like having Tsokolate de Batirol to warm ourselves up, we were greeted w/ a full house resto. #sadlife

I have to apologize for the lack of photos. I didn't really take that much photos to be honest because I opted to vlog in between rather than vlog and take pictures at the same time. So these are the only shots I got to take using my phone.

Btw, here's our Day 2 itinerary:

Go to BAGUIO CATHEDRAL to hear mass
✨ Have lunch at 50'S DINER.
✨ Go to CAMP JOHN HAY and try out TSOKOLATE DE BATIROL (which we didn't get to try.)
✨ Go to GAME & GRUB BOARDGAME CAFE / ARCA'S YARD for dinner (which we didn't get to try as well. hu hu)
We ended up having dinner at DADDY'S RESTAURANT instead

✨ Go to HARISSON NIGHT MARKET to do some Ukay-Ukay shopping!
Day 2 was a very long day for the both of us because of a lot of reasons: We got lost, got soaked in the rain and the weather was against us. But it was definitely one for the books I promise! Allow me to just detail everything on my vlog. CLICK ON!

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  1. Happy 6th anniversary to you guys! And amazing photos, btw. Browsing through your post made me miss Baguio! <3


    1. Thank you so much!! I missed Baguio even more while writing this post :(