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Apologies if Day 3 took quite a while to be posted. I kind of felt lazy to post it just because I thought it was the lamest part since we didn't get to explore as much. Also, it makes me feel sad just to blog about it which I normally feel every time I miss a place.

I always feel sad on the last day of every trip because I never want to leave. I easily get attached to places and there's always a piece of myself that wants to stay but can't. So for our last day, we wanted to tick off the things that we wanted to do and places we still want to go but unfortunately our remaining budget is enough to take us back to Manila so we settled with a little sight seeing and bought pasalubongs.


Since we slept late on Day 2 (probably around 2-3am because we had a really hard time getting a taxi to take us back to our transient house) right after we went shopping at the Harrison Night Market, we woke up late and had brunch pass 12 noon. We ate at this Korean restaurant that I've been wanting try out (it's part of my "to eat list") it's called WoodNymph Korean Restaurant. Not everyone knows about this but I LOVE LOVE LOVE KOREAN FOOD so much! Actually, anything spicy but I think Korean food is the best spicy food you could ever taste. My favorite is their SPICY SQUID. I don't know what you call the dish in Korean but screw it.

Let me tell you guys what I think and feel about my experience here:

*I love how this place is so near our transient house. I knew the branch in SM Baguio because that's what BOOKY PH recommended but I didn't expect to find another one that is much nearer and along the highway.

*Very clean and very spacious place. I was a little surprised that their servers are mostly male except for the owner who is a Korean old woman who assists and talks to her Korean patrons. Also, it's not so packed when we got there which also surprised me considering it was lunch time,

* You can grill at your own table (do samgeopsal? is that the term for it?) which is really neat! I think this restaurant is intended for large families because most of there tables are long tables,

* Hands down to the food. I REALLY ENJOYED IT. The taste was very authentic. Their servings are good for 2 people like look at that spicy squid in the middle of the picture and the Kimbap on the side (which looks like sushi roll), I ordered those and didn't expect it to feed 2 people! My boyfriend on the other hand, ordered a beef stew which was really good!

*Everything's really good except the price. It was quite expensive for me. The meals were mostly ala carte and the rice has to be a separate order since it's not included w/ the Spicy squid itself. An order of extra rice costs 50 FREAKING PESOS. Yup, that small bowl of rice.

*Our bill totaled for almost 800 pesos. JUST. FOR. BRUNCH.

*I would really love to eat there again but this time with an extra cash on hand.


If it wasn't for my boyfriend's request, I wouldn't want to go back here because there wasn't much to see. I had a feeling that we wouldn't get to pick strawberries because I know it's gonna be DAAAARN expensive per kilo (last time I checked it's 400 peso per kilo) and for sure a lot of tourists have already picked out all the good ones. Louis has never been to the farm so I granted his request and we bought pasalubong from there.

We were lucky that when got there, it wasn't crowded. That's why we were able to take decent pictures in the farm and buy pasalubong without hassle. I badly wanted to hoard fresh vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and ice lettuce (since they're very cheap!) but it might dry out when I reach home. You may if you have a car but in our case we're commuting so that's not possible. *sobs*

When we were finally satisfied with everything that we got from the farm, we spent the rest of the day in our transient house doing whatever: take advantage of the free wifi, take a nap, watch tv and pack! Right when I woke up from an afternoon nap, I went out to our room, went straight to the veranda and inhaled as much fresh air that I could. That was the longest time I was able to travel away from home, 4 days and it already felt like I was already home. It even came into my mind that I want to move there and work! HAHA I'm half serious.

We opted to have our last dinner in Baguio in our room instead so we can finally use our private kitchen for the first and last time!

I'm not sure when I'll be back in Baguio again but I'm considering living there when I finally retire. Baguio is just perfect you know? The cold weather, nice people, cheap goods and a very beautiful place to explore. What more can you ask for?

So what's a trip or a blog post without a vlog? Here, I gotchu covered! ;)

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