What made you start out a blog?
 "I've always been into writing for as long as I can remember. During my younger years, I was always drawn to cute notebooks and fully sharpened Mongol pencils. I would secretly jot down dates of my most memorable experiences as well as my firsts at the back of my notebook/book with a specific code thingy so no one will get it when they see it. I had a diary, I wrote all the things that happened to me every single day. I just really love the idea of being able to read something about yourself 2-3 years later. So that's probably the reason why I started a blog: I just really love writing and I think the comfort of being able to record something just by typing is another one."

Why did you name your blog "The Forever Will Be"?
"I misheard a part of Bruno Mars' "Lighters" song from "There is or there ever will be.." to "The Forever Will Be." and I thought that's a pretty cool name for a blog. I don't really want a blog name that sounds too corny or too girly so I preferred that one instead." 

Why did you choose FASHION as a subject of your blog?
"I used to blog about my outfits but I never really considered my blog as a "fashion blog". I tried and ended up getting tired of just blogging about my outfits. I have always been into sharing things about myself, things that interests me and other stuff that people can learn from me...travel related or what not. "

What is your style?
"Minimal and comfy. Always comfy."

What camera do you use to take your pictures?
"I normally use either my 5th generation iPod or Samsung Galaxy S4. I have a digital camera (a gift from my boyfriend) which I use for vlogging btw!"

Who takes your photos?
"Depends on who I'm with. It's either my boyfriend or one of my younger sisters and if I don't have a choice, I put the camera on timer and pose away."

Where do you normally buy your clothes?
"I won't deny the fact that I'm such a cheap skate. I normally buy my clothes on thrift stores and bazaars. I used to buy clothes online but the shipping fee is such a pain in the butt so I opted to just buy something from a physical store so I can inspect the product properly. I've recently appreciated "quality over quantity" and H&M comes in handy sometimes when I have some extra bucks. ”

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